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Real Time Locating System (RTLS)

Environmental Μonitoring (IoT Sensors)

Indoor Navigation


Data analysis and management, in a secure and very low cost maintenance

Increase productivity

Reduction of business expenses

Helps with new information in making the right decisions


Indoor - Outdoor RTLS, Environmental monitoring & Presence

Smart Cities

Smart city initiatives are being increasingly rolled out around the world to tackle increased urbanization, meet environmental targets and reduce energy consumption of cities

Health Care

Environmental monitoring, Search and find, Bed management, Asset management, Patient wayfinding

Industrial, Factory lines, Construction & Tunnels

Ranging from warehouses, to factories and construction sites, GRECiOT can help you track assets, enhance workforce productivity and ultimately optimize operations through insightful data analytics

Aviation Airports, Train & bus Stations, festivals, exhibitions

Real-time positioning throughout the whole airport. Passengers Want Navigation


A complete oversight of what is going on in your warehouse in real time and history. Location tracking and entrance detection via software zones. 

IoT for Security Forces

Positioning sensors, radar, sonars, motion or sound detectors System’s health monitoring Security

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