Industrial, Factory Lines, Construction & Tunnels

Indoor - Outdoor RTLS, Environmental monitoring & Presence

GRECiOT can help you track assets, enhance workforce productivity and ultimately optimize operations through insightful data analytics. Our system is applicable in various labour areas such as warehouses, factories and construction sites,

Navigation for employees

Our system is ideal for shortening employee induction time and increasing operational efficiency. Turn-by-turn navigation within the warehouse to specific points of interest.

Asset Tracking


GRECiOT system allows real-time tracking of valuable assets with high accuracy, including the ability to set movement parameters (e.g. if asset moved “x” distance from location, then sound alarm). GRECiOT helps you find solutions for easy monitoring of mobile goods. No matter if it is pallets, robots, forklifts, or complex industrial areas equipment – the tracking solution from GRECiOT helps detect all required goods and allows for seamless tracking.


Our system can be applied, for example, to tracking pallets along the supply chain so that you can monitor incoming and outgoing goods, amount, delivery date and, at the same time, you can control actions that take place at the point of sale. Access to data is granted at any time via a web-based portal or a standalone app and can also be integrated into existing ERP systems.

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Collision detection

Despite being especially designed for fork-lifts, our system can also be applied to other relevant scenarios as well. Sharing the real time location of moving forklifts on devices mounted to vehicles, every driver is able to reduce accidents that are both unnecessary and costly.

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Data Analytics

GRECiOT offers a live web-dashboard for the management team in order to overview the footfall of warehouse, employee interactions, heatmaps, flow of workforce, shift durations and many many more…

Features for Construction & Tunnels

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Increased Safety

Personnel safety is ensured by easily tracking workers during construction, maintenance and cleaning of tunnels. If an accident occurs, the worker involved can be located via indoor tracking. In addition, in order to inform the control center whenever a worker or a vehicle enters or exits a specifically defined area mechanisms can be configured. GRECiOT’S tracking solutions enable fast and targeted search and rescue operations, so that, in case of emergency, such as fire, pipe burst or presence of hazardous gas, evacuation is succeeded fast and with no casualties. In addition, sensors for positioning, gas detection and air quality monitoring can be installed in all working areas, so that employees can be quickly warned and the security system can be activated. If harmful gases are emitted in tunnels or the quality of the air is impaired in any other way, an immediate evacuation can be organized on the basis of real-time employee data.

Efficient coordination of work process

Efficient coordination of work processes is the result of indoor tracking of personnel, equipment and vehicles. In addition, localization of employees enables targeted, effective personnel deployment. Our system ensures that the employees are only deployed in areas or take over tasks that they are authorized for and have been sufficiently trained for. It is important to notice that any task can be automatically generated and sent to any worker’s smartphone, vehicles and machines can also be tracked and therefore efficiently coordinated. 

Regarding large construction sites, the availability of machines, acceleration of access and reduced cost of machinery investment can be significantly successful with data collection. At the same time, reducing traffic problems is possible when using tracking solutions. The impact on traffic is almost minimized and possible road closures can be easily removed in a timely manner when maintenance and cleaning of tunnel is efficiently done.

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