Outdoor Air Quality 01 Indoor Air Quality 02 Real Time condition monitoring 03 Presence 04 Data analytics 05 Indoor tracking and location-based services 06 GRECIOT LOCATED IN THESSALONIKI IN GREECE In addition to developing all-in-one solutions for large clients, GRECiOT offers scalable software development kits (SDKs) that allow developers to integrate our core technologies into third-party applications. Outdoor & Indoor Air Quality Experts

What does IoT do and why is it useful?

Our Vision

We build a better tomorrow. One idea, one innovation, and one change at a time.

GRECiOT helps cities become smarter, safer, more responsive and resilient.

That brings urban science, breakthrough strategies and disruptive digital technologies to solve complex problems in new ways.

We are passionate futurists, dreamers and innovators building a better tomorrow.
We want to save lives, improve living standards, transform societies, and make a difference.

We are at the forefront of the next wave of digital innovation and transformation.
We learn by doing. We improve by doing. We lead by doing. 

We are innovation catalysts working with a sense of urgency.

Our Value is to do the right thing

We hold ourselves to the highest standards of professional and personal integrity.

We are honest, open and direct in our interactions
with each other, our partners and our clients.

We treat people with respect and do our best to make them successful.

Our Team

GRECiOT Team_1.Kostas Vasiliadis Director

Kostas Vasiliadis

web_GRECiOT Team_3. Vasilis Alexakis-Head of Sales

Vasilis Alexakis
Head of Sales

web_GRECiOT Team_4. Fotini Fanouli Accounting manager

Fotini Fanouli
Accounting Manager

web_GRECiOT Team_5.Natasa Iordanidou - Web developer

Natasa Iordanidou
Web Developer

web_GRECiOT Team_6.Nana Tsigaridou-Customer Care

Nana Tsigaridou
Customer Care