What does IoT do and why is it useful?
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Data analysis and management, in a secure environment in a very low cost maintenance.

More data means better decisions.
With added sensors, these devices are able to collect a large amount of data on many different areas. For example, in addition to the practical elements of being able to know which foods are going out of date in your smart refrigerator, this enhanced household item will be able to give you additional information on its power consumption, temperature, average time of the door spent open and much more. A greater flow of information means that company behind the device can analyse large trends in the data to better improve the features of the device. Many companies are realising the power of this technology and it is leading to a large increase in the market. In fact, the total market value of IoT is set to grow to over $3 trillion annually by 2026*.

Increase productivity

Thanks to the emergence of increasingly sophisticated connected devices, we’re currently on the cusp of a new era of business productivity. Experts predict that more than half of new businesses will run on the Internet of Things (IoT) by the end of 2021, making them more automated and saving them millions in increased productivity in the process. Improving collaboration, Tracking manufacturing, Coordinate operations are some advantages of IoT Ecosystem

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Reduction of business expenses

The Total Economic Impact of Pelion Connectivity Management, a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Arm Forrester research reports on the total economic impact of IoT connectivity management, showing clearly that connectivity is critical for IoT success. Measuring ROI is still a struggle for enterprises looking to prove the value of IoT. In their study examining Pelion Connectivity Management, they found benefits totalling $421,080 USD with savings being made in labour, management and data costs.
Review the Total Economic Impact of Pelion Connectivity Management to see how IoT Connectivity can bring value to your business.
422% ROI with payback period of less than 12 months
40% reduction in management effort
Additional benefits including flexibility, technical expertise and improved customer experience.

Helps with new information in making the right decisions

in every organization, there is something known as “dark data.” This term describes incorrectly classified or uncategorized data that slips through analytics. The data may also open the system up to attacks via backdoor hackers. In a survey of 1,500 IT and data managers in 15 different countries, researchers found the average organization had as much as 52% unclassified data in their systems. When critical info isn’t part of reports, your analysis might be off and cost you customers. Security breaches can be even more costly as you seek to clean up the hacking attempt, as well as inform customers of the issue. Security events can lead to loss of reputation and, eventually, lost customers.

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