Hardware GRECiOT Hardware

GRECiOT Hardware

Our hardware that we use in GRECiOTs solutions stand out :
• for their professional quality,
• their compatibility with all known market systems,
• have the latest Certifications and accreditations from the largest auditing organizations,
• the adoption of applicable safety rules.

Extensively :

Bluetooth® Low Energy Beacons

Beacons are small radio transmitters (they come in multiple shapes and sizes) that can easily be detected by nearby smartphones and tablets.. They can be standalone batteries, USB powered devices or can be integrated into Wi-Fi access points or lighting infrastructure. GRECiOT does not manufacture beacons and is a hardware-agnostic company.

Bluetooth® Low Energy Tags

Asset Tracking and optimizing people flow, space and equipment usage can be achieved using Bluetooth Low Energy Tags. They can also be applied in security applications with an Emergency Panic button. GRECiOT does not manufacture Bluetooth Low Energy Tags and is a hardware-agnostic company.


Gateways are all in one receivers of beacons and tags, power location analytics, asset tracking and beacon monitoring, empowering indoor location for venues without Wi-Fi Access Points. If a venue has already been installed, Wi-Fi Access Points compatible with FEG Studio devices may not be required.